De Krook, Ghent

The ASIL Lab, as a versatile collaboration between UGent's IPEM (audio & sensors), IDLab (VR, video), and MICT (Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies) integrates state-of-the-art technologies. ASIL is a medium size immersive lab so it can provide scenarios for research involving groups. Within the context of engineering, art and humanities, it currently works mainly with performances for theatre, museums, architecture and tends to experiment with new artistic works and platforms.

Marc Leman

Thanks to the ASIL Lab, we are leading the field of creative-artistic and cultural innovation.

The infrastructure consists of an 80-speaker setup, with audio over IP, for both Wavefield Synthesis and 7th order ambisonics (3D audio), which allows for in-depth experimenting with 3D sound and auralisation. Apart from custom sensors, a fast Qualisis Motion capture system is available, Projection systems, a Wireless VR/AR system, Hyperscanning EEG and FNIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) equipment.

Pieter-Jan Maes Musicologist

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